Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Potter Wrote Brimstone and Treacle

Brimstone and Treacle was initially composed by Potter as a TV play, charged, paid for and recorded in 1976 by the BBC, for their Play for Today opening. It was withdrawn without further ado before its booked transmission, it was recorded in the Radio Times, on the grounds that then Director of Television Programs Alasdair Milne thought that it was "disgusting" however "splendidly made". Later, somewhere around 1982 and 1987, Milne was Director-General of the BBC, in which part he turned into a contempt figure of the Thatcher government for, in addition to different reasons, not being hypercritial enough. Brimstone and Treacle was at long last demo in 1987, and is presently accessible on DVD.

The cast were Denholm Elliott (Mr. Bates) and Michelle Newell (Pattie); in addition to minor characters.

Reworked by Potter for the stage, the play debuted on 11 October 1977 at the Crucible Theater, Sheffield.

A film variant steered by Richard Loncraine and featuring Denholm Elliott (Bates), Joan Plowright (Mrs. Bates), Suzanna Hamilton (Pattie) and Sting (Martin) was discharged in 1982 and is likewise accessible on DVD. In the film, Mrs. Bates' first name is Norma rather than Amy.

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